Global Indian entrepreneur Diipa Khosla has created history. Check out

”If I can do it, it is something I feel that other people can as well”: Global Indian-Entrepreneur Diipa Khosla creates history!

Indians are making their mark across the world, and Diipa Khosla is one such multi-faceted personality who is bringing glory to the nation once again. She has been invited as a speaker at Harvard Business School for the second time. Today, she will address the universal themes around ‘Beyond Labels: Changing the Narrative as Minority Women Leaders’ and bring her inspirational entrepreneurial journey to the fore at the premiere institution.

Talking about the same, she shares, “It is such an honour for me and being a proud Indian, I think we understand what Harvard means! It’s one of the most prestigious academic universities in the world. The last time I was here was during the pandemic… so I didn’t have the entire experience of doing it, really at the Harvard campus but this time, I am going to be in the Crimson; at the campus doing it live with people so it’s going to be the most amazing journey. I think getting here is also something that is unbelievable! You know, sometimes we need moments like this to remind you that what you are doing truly matters… just putting your head down and working on your journey, working on the impact, working on the business and then moments like this remind you to take a second and be grateful for what you are doing.”

“As a proud Indian, building a Global Business and being a minority woman doing that globally is something extremely powerful. It’s truly our time as Indian women to be able to do that. Even my speech today is truly going to be about India being a superpower and how being a minority woman or an Indian woman, shouldn’t be something you should see as a weakness but as strength”, she further adds as she stands as an example of how Indian entrepreneurs are shaping the new world order.

Telling us more about her journey and giving out a very powerful message to aspiring women entrepreneurs, the Global Indian of great influence expresses, “I think when somebody like me who is a girl born and raised in India, went to school in Ooty and then went on to Europe to study at the University and now today, being invited to a prestigious institution like Harvard for the second time for her journey, her business… All I can say is, if I can do it, it is something I feel that other people can as well. It’s not about me but it’s about us and our time. It is something that empowers many other women especially, Indian women on representation.”

Khosla is not just any entrepreneur – she’s a trailblazer, a renowned name across the International fashion fraternity, and does complete justice to being called a Global Indian of Great Influence, as she continues to don multiple hats with her multi-faceted personality.

”If I can do it, it is something I feel that other people can as well”: Global Indian-Entrepreneur Diipa Büller-Khosla creates history! 881920

Successfully building a beauty empire as she gets invited to speak on the brand’s exponential journey and growth, she shares, “Inde Wild, as a brand, is focused on creating a global impact. Whilst it is an Indian business rooted in Indian philosophy and Ayurveda, its spread and branches are intended to touch consumers across the globe.”