A few days ago, we saw Diipa in Boston at Harvard Business School for the second time, where she was a speaker. Cut to the other day, we saw her in Abu Dhabi at the grand opening exhibition of ‘Cartier, Islamic Inspiration and Modern Design’ held at Louvre. And now, she is expanding her brand at Sephora in the USA. One after the other, Diipa Khosla is stepping up as a global phenomenon. It is evident that she is a global presence, gracing stages around the world, and is a true Global Indian of great influence.

Did you know that Diipa Khosla made history by being the first South Asian entrepreneur to host talents for the premiere gala on the red carpet under her beauty brand’s banner, Indewild at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival? Her determination, resilience, and hard work are truly admirable, and she accomplished this remarkable feat in a short amount of time. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Diipa has made her presence known for the 6th consecutive year at the 76th edition of this iconic event in cinema history.

The world is her stage: Did you know Diipa Khosla is the First South Asian Entrepreneur to host talent on the Cannes Red Carpet? 885460

For the first time in the history of the festival, an Indian-founded beauty brand curated a group of South Asian global talent featuring female self-starters leading the change in fashion, entrepreneurship, media, and entertainment at the Cannes Film Festival. This marks a significant milestone not only for Diipa, the first-ever Indian-founded beauty brand to host at Cannes, but also highlights India’s growing applicability and presence in the global luxury market.

Diipa Khosla today is a global personality to reckon with. The Global Indian Entrepreneur is an inspiration to many young women and is indeed the most successful example of a multi-faceted woman who is winning across multiple-screen environments. She is the one who is truly bringing glory to the nation!