Karan Grover's 'kids' musical experience for Viu's Spotlight

Karan V Grover plays guitar for the kids

Karan Grover’s ‘kids’ musical experience for Viu’s Spotlight

Karan V Grover’s first-look for Viu and Vikram Bhatt’s musical drama, Spotlight 2 has his female fans drooling. The star plays a flamboyant rockstar in the series and he sports a rugged look with long hair and a beard.

To play his part right, Karan was handed the guitar and it was then the actor realized that he didn’t even know the right way to hold the instrument. Karan wished to appear authentic in the series and wanted to get his basics right. So, he wasted no time in signing up for guitar lessons but he wasn’t aware what surprise awaited him.

Commenting on learning the instrument, Karan V Grover shared, “I signed up for a beginner class but little did I know that I was the only adult there and I happened to be surrounded with little children on my first day there. It was quite a scene but thankfully, I did learn how to hold the guitar right and strum a few tunes.”

The actor played some songs on the last ​ day​ of the class for the children who couldn’t get enough of him and kept requesting him to play and act like a rockstar. And Karan definitely knew how to do that well!

The first ever web musical and the highly-awaited digital series – Spotlight 2 is all set to launch in January 2018 on Viu​.​

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