The journey from being known as Ajey Nagar to getting extremely famous as CarryMinati. Read here.

How Did Ajey Nagar’s CarryMinati Happen?

Ajey Nagar the Roast King as people will call him is known for his fluent Hindi-language. His gaming passion gave him a career and he is known for his satirical parodies which are comic in nature. Ajey Nagar started posting videos from the age of 10 years. Carry’s first channel, in fact, featured football tricks and skills pertaining to the game. And when he started roasting people, he called the channel as CarryMinati.

Isn’t that a good enough reason to name the channel? Well today, CarryMinati is hugely famous dealing in millions with respect to the fan following and followers.

CarryMinati also has another channel CarryIsLive where he live-streams him playing video games.

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