We often see Youtubers turning out to be digital stars after years of hard work and determination. Two such stars we know of are Ashish Chanchlani and Bhuvan Bam. We can’t seem to choose who among these two is the true YouTube gem and here’s where we need your help.

Bhuvan Bam or Ashish Chanchlani: The true YouTube gem

Bhuvan Bam is by far one of the most loved YouTubers in the country. He often goes by the name BB and his channel is called BB Ki Vines and has gained a lot of love over the years. He has millions of fans across the country which keep increasing from time to time. He gets this amount of love and support from fans due to the kind of content he posts. He portrays family sketches with six to seven characters that are all played by him in a hilarious manner.

On the other hand, we have Ashish Chanchlani who is one of the nation’s most viral star. He makes videos from time to time that gains him a lot of love from viewers. He has a fan base of millions. It is his pattern of making videos that have taken him up to this stage. He too portrays family sketched where he sometimes plays more than one role and also includes his real friends and families in it. The reason why we are so drawn to him is the fact that they are relatable everyday scenarios that he depicts.

We just can’t seem to decide who among these two stars is the true gem of the YouTube world and here is where we need your help. Let us know below who you think should win this battle.

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