In all these years the Hollywood industry has gifted us with some of its best actresses we have ever known. These stars are loved not only due to their amazing work on screen but also their fashion sense. We too know two such stars and cannot seem to pick one hence we need your help to choose between them.

Jennifer Lopez vs Angelina Jolie: Who slays the fashion game?

Jennifer Lopez is without any doubt one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood. She is loved for her dancing, singing and acting. The star has been part of iconic movies like What To Expect When You’re Expecting, The Girl Next Door and Hustlers. She is also known and loved for her phenomenal sense of style where we see her carrying different patterns of outfits every time. She is known for daring to effortlessly carry outfits ranging from plunging necklines to a thick high slit while experimenting with new colours every time.

On the other hand, we have none other than Angelina Jolie. The star is one of the finest actresses in Hollywood and is loved by a fan base of millions across the globe. She has been part of some great movies such as Salt, Mr and Mrs Smith and Maleficent. The star is known for a her elegant sense of style where she is mostly seem going for neutral colours that are dark and suit her complexion perfectly. The star keeps accessories to a minimum most of the times and goes for rosy or bold red lips with most if her red carpet looks.

We think both the stars are equally great and deserving of the title and cannot seem to choose between them. Here is where we need your help and hence we’re asking you to let us know below who you think should win this battle.

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