Over the years the telly world has gifted us with some of the best shows we have ever known. These shows have also gifted us with our favourite on screen couples. We too know two such couples and need your help to make a choice between them.

Rachel-Ross VS Robin-Ted: Your favourite couple!

Friends is by far one of the most watched telly shows across the globe till this date. Apparently the show has also gifted us with our favourite on screen couple, Ross and Rachel. The couple was loved ever since we first spotted them together this is the typical high school love story couple where Ross loves her ever since they were in high school. The couple in their adulthood years is seen going through a lot of ups and downs and yet ending up together in the end.

On the other hand, we have Ted and Robin. This is one of the most loved telly couples around the world. They are part of the show How I Met Your Mother. This couple has the typical filmy love at first sight story which we all yearn for. This couple has always seemed like they were totally meant for each other. They have this undeniable chemistry between them right from the start and that makes us love them even more.

We think both the couples are equally great and deserving of the title and just can’t seem to choose between them. Hence we’re asking you to let us know below who you think should win this battle.

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