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Are you a fan of the Indian YouTube sensation Bhuvan Bam? Here’s your chance to get credentials proving it.

Are you a Bhuvan Bam fan? Test your trivia with this quiz!

Bhuvan Bam is simply one of the most well-known YouTube comedians in recent years and has a fan following that is simply madness. So, we here thought that there should be a consolidated quiz to understand which tier of fan you are. Boy, doesn’t that sound like fun? Do you follow all his videos? Have you watched him play the iconic Mr.Hola? Have you also rolled over laughing over his Angry Masterji videos? Have you tried to mark your territory by commenting “first” on all of his videos? If the answer to any of those questions is a resounding, ”Yes!!” then this quiz is for you.
There will be a grand total of six questions, whoever gets the most answers right, wins. So, buckle up and get ready to flaunt your knowledge of this internet sensation’s life.
Here it is:
(1) What is Bhuvan Bam’s real name?
(2) Where is Bhuvan from?
(3) How old is Bhuvan Bam?
(4) When did he start his YouTube channel?
(5) How many subscribers has he hit on his YouTube channel?
(6) What was the name of his first video ever put up?

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