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Detective Mangloo Vs the Salesman: Your Favourite Bhuvan Bam Video?

BB Ki Vines otherwise known as Bhuvan Bam has been our true motivation! Originating from a very humble background, he has earned love and fans all around the world. His warmth for music and constant urge to make us laugh, have pushed him to the apex. BB’s videos are incredibly diverting to watch, his content and use of everyday language have played as the instrumental to his fabulous conspicuousness!

His YouTube videos always look upon current affairs! His videos are overpowered with social messages. His YouTube channel has gotten over 17million supporters, following in excess of 8 million followers on Instagram.

His recent uploads “Detective Mangloo” and “The Salesman” are a must-watch, both are so darn sarcastic and rich with laughter.

Here, watch these out!

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