Alt Balaji has now come up with the 3rd season of its most-watched show Gandii and here are all the deets related to the show.

Gandii Baat 3 is back. Catch all the deets here!

Since its launch on 16 April 2017, ALTBalaji is popularly known to entertain us with various Drama, Crime, Romantic, Action thriller and various other series’. Some of the series from ALTBalaji which are most loved by the audience are Apharan, X.X.X., Class of 2017, Broken But Beautiful, and recently released BOSS. Gandii Baat has also been produced by ALTBalaji.

Gandii Baat, the title itself tells us that there will be Dirty talks involved in this series. ALTBalaji has recently released the third season of this series on 27 July 2019. Before the release, the platform promised us a lot more entertainment in this season than its previous two seasons.

The Season consisted of 4 episodes. And each had a combination of different thrill with all the sexually arousing content in it.

1) Rajkumar: This episode consisted of a mysterious love story between a village girl and a river-boat. The truth behind the love story is revealed later. This suspense keeps us excited all through.

2) Harpreet Weds Harpreet: With multiple numbers of Harpreets involved in this story. The story keeps us confused up to the very end of the episode.

3) Sonam Chadd Gayi: With all the train prostitution, there is a murder mystery involved in this episode and you should sure watch it.

4) Honeymoon On Wheels: Now after the first three episodes of Suspense and Crime thrillers the last episode of this season involved horror mystery.

The season sure gave us goosebumps throughout and we suggest that you surely should have a look at it.

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