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Independence Day 2020: Bollywood patriotic films that make us proud as Indians

Films and books play a great role when it comes to recalling history. And Bollywood has given us vivid ideas about how patriotism would be like and was back then during those days. And with the global pandemic, these 3 films are absolutely must-watch! If you haven’t watched it yet, check the trailers out, and watch them this Independence Day with your family, and feel proud!

1. URI

Uri: The Surgical Strike, is one of the popular military action films in India. It is based out on the 2016 Uri attack. The film divided into 5 parts and each part connects to the other. The film is extremely thrilling and engaging. The film is so worthy to watch and if you haven’t watched it yet, then do watch it this Independence Day. Here is the trailer.

2. Raazi

One of the masterpieces of Meghna Gulzar, Raazi is a grand spy-thriller film. Starring some of the best actors and actresses, the film got an additional fanbase altogether. The story flashes back to the accounts of Indo-Pakistan war 1971 and likewise gave the distinctive rise to the plot. Here is the trailer!

3. Chittagong

Recalling back to the British days, this film has been one of the greatest creations of all. And if we go back then, it were all the teenage kids who revolted against the imperial power. And this film speaks of the same aspect, school kids revolts against the British occupied Chittagong and with heart-breaking casualties, the boys finally succeeds to regain the food of the peasants and leads them, which were seized by the British! Here is the trailer

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