Jennifer Winget has been such an important figure in the TV scene. She has tried to make her debut in the web series world. But has she succeeded?

Jennifer Winget’s Code M: Yay or Nay?

Jennifer Winget has been incredibly acclaimed for her contribution to the world of cinema and more importantly television. She has been so monumental. Getting acclaimed for so many of her roles and getting so many feathers in her cap must be a big deal to her. We mean, she certainly has made a difference.

However, it looks like she has a long way to go before making the same impact on the web series scene. Because of the recent reviews of her work it seems as though Code M has not been very well received by the audiences. There are a lot of mixed reviews. But, the claims are they found Jennifer’s acting very endearing and good but the overall show seemed to not resonate with the people.

What do you think of her in Code M?

Do you like it or no?

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