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Actress are creating a Fame and name amongst the audience through their acting and most importantly their Appearance and their style. So let see who between Mithila Palkar and Radhika Apte tops the Hotness Meter with their amazing style and beauty.

Mithila Palkar vs Radhika Apte: Who tops the hotness meter?

So Firstly Talking about the cutest and beautiful actress Mithila Palkar who with her acting and fashion is surely ruling the hearts of many. This curly-haired Cutest Maharashtrian Diva is loved by many in a couple of years.

This Actress has her own unique way of dressing and appearance due to which she rules the heart of many fans and viewers. She gives style statements with her each and every appearance. This style statement gives her the image of being a girl-next-door. Her cute smile and lustrous curls that she flaunts exquisitely adds up to her chic style statement. Whether it be any kind of fashion she rocks in each and every style and fashion.

Mithila Palkar vs Radhika Apte: Who tops the hotness meter? 1

The young lady has made her way into the hearts of her audiences with her absolutely gorgeous doe-shaped eyes and untameable hair. Her slender figure ensures that she carries any style well and her smile is the ultimate add-on that just lights everything up. She seems to look damn hot and awful in all her dressing attire and her charming beauty and that is the reason she has over 1.8 Million fans on her Instagram.

On the other hand, talking about another hottest actress Radhika Apte. The way She has handled her career, it’s beyond appreciation. Radhika Apte excels in the complicated and multifaceted role, pulling off one of the most revelatory performances of her career.

Mithila Palkar vs Radhika Apte: Who tops the hotness meter? 2

The queen of Indian web series’ is here to stay and we are loving every bit of her screen time on our television screens. From being a restrained performer to set the screens on fire with her confidence, the dusky beauty has indeed come a long way and so has her style. While Radhika’s style was earlier quite missable, she’s turning into a diva of sorts.

Her amazing sensational style and amazing appearance are what raises her to the top and her with her unique and sexy dressing sense terms to be the hottest and her eye catchy hot beauty is the reason she has over 2.7 Million fans on her Instagram.

Deciding who tops the Hotness meter among them both is not happening because both of them in their own ways are ruling the industry with their Hotness and glamorous beauty. If you think anyone of them between them is at a higher level in her Hotness than let us know.

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