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The Typewriter a Netflix original series which is directed by filmmaker and screenwriter Sujoy Ghosh. This series includes Purab Kohli, Paulomi Ghosh and Samir Kochar in the lead roles.

All you need to know about Purab Kohli- Paulomi Ghosh starrer ‘Typewriter’

The Typewriter is all set to premiere on the 19th of July on Netflix. The trailer released on the 27th of June creating a buzz among the Indian viewers.

The Indian Netflix series is loved by all the Indians greatly. The series has a great story and relate to the Indians which is why it’s popularity is ever increasing. Series like Sacred games, Lust stories received amazing responses from the audiences. New series are regularly released and regularly receive praise from the audience. Typewriter could be one such series that will be greatly loved by the viewers.

The typewriter is a horror mystery that revolves around the events occurring in a haunted Bardez villa. It also stars Arna Sharma, Aaryansh Malviya, Mikail Gandhi, and Palash Kamble. The trailer shows the deaths occurring near Bardez villa in Goa. It follows around a group of ghost hunters who are determined to catch the ghosts, but things start to get into a mess when a new family moves in the villa. The mysterious deaths which have certain things in common, the woman who is suspected by the policeman, many truths to be unveiled

The trailer was a gist of how Typewriter will be different from the regular horror movies that we are used to watching. There will be twists and turns for sure and nothing will be predictable. The trailer sure must have build up the interest of the crowd but we’ll have to wait to see if the series lives up to the expectations that the trailer has set up. Although Netflix has always lived up to the expectations with their remarkable series and movies and has always managed to interest the people, only time will tell if this series receives the same positive reviews as the past series have.

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