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Leila is one of the most talked about shows on Netflix right now and here is why we think you need to binge watch it too!

Netflix’s Leila: Why you should be binge watching it this weekend

Netflix has made its way in the Indian markets quite sometime back and almost instantly, it has gone straight through the hearts of Indian young and brooding minds. Netflix has provided itself with smashing hits after hits that have made us love, cry, smile and rejoice. Netflix India has a new gift ready for us and this time it is a series called Leila and we are certain that the trailer has enthralled many already.

And because it is Netflix plus the outstanding actor and performer Huma Qureshi, one really doesn’t need another reason to see this series but we still have a few reasons why you should not be missing it for the world!
One of the biggest reasons to see it is because Leila has been created by Oscar-nominated director Deepa Mehta and it has been adapted by Urmi Juvekar from journalist Prayaag Akbar’s critically acclaimed novel with the same name.
When you gather around with your family to watch it, we won’t give you spoilers right away (because what fun would the show be to you then!) but you will get goosebumps when you see Taj Mahal being demolished by goons and hooligans. And especially for those who live in Agra, the settings and the backdrop is very enticing and keeps you hooked right till the end.

Again, no spoilers here either when we say it is a work of fiction with respect to a certain dystopia about the future of a country in totaliarism of religion. While this sounds like a very hard hitting and mind-boggling concept, Leila has made it very exciting for the viewers and Huma Qureshi has brought the whole story to life! This is why we are certain you should not miss it for the world.

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