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Peeyush Suhaney plays with his eyes, in the dreadful rapist act in Zakhmi.

Peeyush Suhaney gets his ‘eyes’ to speak in Vikram Bhatt’s web-series, Zakhmi

Peeyush Suhaney as the dreadful MK has been creating chills down viewers’ spines in the recently streamed Vikram Bhatt web-series, Zakhmi.

The best part about this terrorizing rapist character is that even with very less lines to speak in the initial episodes, he has created an ever-lasting impact of being a ruthless man who not only rapes a girl but also tortures her immensely.

His facial expressions are enough to give many, sleepless nights. And one aspect that we could not stop noticing was his eyes!!

His eyes spoke volumes and the changing expressions in his eyes created a huge impact with the added zeal given to it with make-up!!

Yes, Peeyush used eyeliner and kajal on his eyes to give it the boost.

Says Peeyush, “MK is the person who makes the lead girl Saira (Tia Bajpai) ‘zakhmi’. MK is hard-core negative, and hence I thought of creating my own inputs. If there was a person who raped Saira physically, mentally and emotionally, it was MK. So it was my duty to create a stunning impact, which will disturb Saira everytime via the flashes she got of my character raping her.”

“As the episodes pass by, I have been given fabulously strong dialogues. But in addition to the dialogues, I had to work a lot on my look to create the terror and fear. Since I have greenish blue eyes, I decided to use eyeliner and kajal and the Director Abbas Ali Moghul liked the idea. I have received lot of compliments for my look,” he adds.

Peeyush also worked on his breathing pattern to create the needed impact in a particular scene. “In the scene where MK rapes Saira and his face is shown, there is a feel of satisfaction on his face. This is the scene which Saira had to get in her flashes. Hence in order to give it the impact, I stopped breathing, as a result of which there was less supply of oxygen to my brain. This brought in tears in my eyes, which very well brought in the satisfaction of raping the girl. This happens when there is an extreme energy flow. Whoever saw it has told me that the scene was very impactful with fear, anger and hatred coming out for the man.”

Very well done, Peeyush!!

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