Find out why Rajesh Kumar's turned light dada for Bhalla Calling Bhalla

Rajesh Kumar turns light dada for Bhalla Calling Bhalla

Bhalla Calling Bhalla produced by Blackboard Films is the first fiction show to shot in Lockdown and all the actors are donning multiple hats to shoot this by themselves at their respective homes. Not just the actors but also their family members have gotten involved as professionals to help the actors shoot as per the director. One of the tasks that actor Rajesh Kumar is responsible for is that of a light dada. Rajesh Kumar shares, “In this particular photo you can see us adjusting the light for the close shots. The light was really bright and to soften that we were using butter paper. My wife is DOP and I have turned light dada for this show. We have made this adjustment permanent as henceforth whenever we will have a corridor shot it will always be soft lighting.”

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Nikita Parikh who conceptualised and is also the creative producer of Bhalla Calling Bhalla shares, “When me and Vanshika Sharma conceptualised the show, we were definitely sceptical about the fact that aren’t we be being too ambitious. How will any actor agree to play roles of DOP, make-up artist, hair stylist, costume stylist & art director along with their respective characters. But we are fortunate that actors agreed and you can see the efforts put by Rajesh Kumar and his wife to get a perfect shot.”

Nitin Jai Shukla, producer spearheading The Blackboard Films shares, “This series was only possible because of the actors who finally came on board. I am blessed to have such actors who without asking they did everything on their own and obviously with the help of their family, donning various hats of DOP, assistany director, art director, lightman, etc. They have taken care of even little nuances like cutting the lights of a sea facing house, art direction of a kavi samelan setup, etc. They are all such big names in their own space and their enthusiasm was amazing. I have been working since 15 plus years in this industry and have seen best behaviour of actors as well as worst but all the actors of my show are truly fantastic souls. Blackboard films will be known for this truly new innovative way of working and about the show which we made during lockdown.”

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