Rajesh Kumar talks about his new show Excuse Me Madam

Lockdown gave me an opportunity to sit back and prepare for the role: Rajesh Kumar on Excuse Me Madam

From his fame as Rosesh to Subodh to now Sanam, Rajesh Kumar’s journey in the entertainment industry has been a rollercoaster ride. He has been entertaining the viewers on a joyful ride of comedy and humor. With recently being detected positive for Covid-19 , the famous telly star has taken about a new positive take in life and says that there is a lot more to look forward to . When spoken to him he said….  

Tell us about your show?

‘Excuse Me Madam’ is a show slated to go on-air soon on Star Bharat to entertain its audience in these trying times. It is a show which will help the viewers to relax, revive and give a daily dose of entertainment to the viewers to get through the tough times. Right now audiences are in dire need to be served with good content and ‘Excuse Me Madam’ just fits. What makes this show even more unique is the characters. The protagonist who admires his female boss and his wife who is head over heels in love with the man. The show is a roller coaster ride of happiness, coincidences, hidden desires and surely everything packed with a laughter riot. 

You were recently tested positive for Covid-19, how has your health been since?

Testing positive for Covid-19 is surely not a good news, but yes I did take the necessary steps and home quarantined myself. I have been following all the medications and direction given by my doctor. My health has improved and everyone has been very supportive, right from my family, friends, colleagues, my current shows makers and the channel. Being a covid warrior has actually taught me to look at the bright side and positive take in life. It is in fact rejuvenated me to be a positive person. All I can urge everyone is to please be safe and take all the precautions as possible to keep you and your family safe   

What will be the difference between the characters that you have played earlier and one you are going to play now?

I have always looked out for roles which will help me grow as a performer and that’s just when I got called and was offered to play the role of Sanam. Be it Rosesh or Subodh -my previous roles were showered with immense love and appreciation and I hope and pray Sanam is also equally welcomed and appreciated by them. I know for sure that the viewers will love this shade on me and as a performer I have always looked for different characters and personalities to portray on screen and Sanam is just that, he is a loving, faithful husband but sight of his sexy boss provokes his mischievous side.

What made you say a yes to the character and to this show?

The story line of the show and the character of Sanam attracted me the very first time I read the script and that’s what got me to say a Yes to the role immediately. Sanam’s character is unique and it lets me explore two vivid personalities. As I said, a faithful husband and his mischievous side which is channeled by the sight of his boss. It gives me freedom as a performer and the opportunity to provide justice to both the sides of my character. It is a very interesting combo that the viewers may relate to and will be fun for them to watch.

Tell us how you have specially prepared for the character of Sanam in the show?

These trying times and lockdown gave me an opportunity to sit back and prepare for the role. It almost feels like a fresh start and to portray a character like Sanam is not less than starting my new journey as an actor. I studied the character, I read the script thoroughly, I got in touch with our director and writer to understand the character in a different perspective. I have worked on my body language, dialogue delivery, it was like going to acting school again where I got to brush up my acting skills.   

How does it feel to make a comeback in a daily soap?

It feels like homecoming, to be honest. Television as a platform lets us explore as every day you learn something new. You get feedback every day, you get a chance to improve as an actor. If anything I feel absolutely blessed as I would be able to give back something to the audience who have always showered me with love and appreciation. I am extremely grateful to Star Bharat for being the platform through which I will not only be able to reach the homes of the audiences but their heats too. 

Do you believe your character will be overshadowed in the likes of India’s finest comedian Anup Upadhyay?

It is my honor to share the screen with talented comedian Anup Upadhyay. In fact, it is for me even more special since I would be able to learn nuances of the genre from the legend himself. He is a very humble person and both our characters are different and audiences know how to accept our characters individually. I am sure in the end we will only find out how much we do justice to our characters. Anup Ji is a legend when it comes to playing different characters he is a powerhouse of talent and I believe audiences will make sure both our characters will receive immense love and appreciation.

Back to shoot life post the lockdown. What are your views?

I feel like an entertainment warrior as they say, laughter is the best medicine. Star Bharat’s attempt to provide laughter through our show is probably the best thing. It feels like I am home and all set to make sure that audiences are happy with us.

 How is your experience working with your co-actors?

The talented star cast is very supportive and fun to work with. It feels great to share the screen with talented comedian Anup Ji and Sucheta is another versatile actor who hails from an experience of about 20 years in the industry. Nyra is a gifted actor as she knows what she’s doing and has got her own nuances to the character. I am learning a lot from my co-stars.

What other projects are you working on right now?

As of now, my only focus is on Excuse Me Madam. No plans for future as I am completely committed to my show at the moment.

How much are you getting paid? Are there any changes made post the lockdown?

For me the only thing that matters is the opportunity to connect with the audience and that is the best form of gratification for an actor is to receive whole lot of appreciation and love.

What is the message that you would want to give to your fans?

I already feel grateful for the love of the audience and their constant support. I promise to maintain the image they have of me as a performer. I appreciate the love I have received till date for my previous roles and I am sure my character will surely bring a smile on their faces very soon.

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