Actress Aneri Vajani has triumphed in her attempt to portray a unique role with her latest offering, Baghin which airs on Star Bharat and the Atrangii app. Baghin is a mystical revenge thriller where Aneri plays the role of the village simpleton Gauri, who gets possessed by the spirit of a tigress (Baghin), initiating a vengeful quest against those responsible for her untimely demise.

In a candid chat with, Aneri talks about her challenges in playing these dual personalities in Baghin.

Read on.

What prompted you to take such a challenging role as in Baghin?

It was quite a tough decision to make. When I was initially approached for Baghin, I refused to take this role. But it kept coming back to me. Later, I felt I should take it, the reason being that I had never played such a role before. I have played roles of women empowerment, roles that send out a message. The opportunity in front of me in Baghin had dual personalities. While Gauri was a docile, fragile person, who talked very less, I also had the role of Baghin which was a total contrast to what Gauri was. So I wanted to try something new.

Tell us about the rigorous preparations needed to play this character.

Honestly speaking, I had no time to work on my characters, whether it was Gauri or Baghin. In the available time, I kept reading the screenplays again and again. I wanted to make it very natural so that it looks convincing.

What do you have to say about the response your efforts have given you?

I am very happy that Baghin is being appreciated. The story is unfolding now. After nine months of making the show, it is finally on air and people are liking it. I am satisfied creatively with the opportunities got with Baghin.

The show had a release on the OTT as well as TV. Also, it was shot way before it was aired. Tell us about this.

Yes, this is definitely something different. We had shot for 100 episodes before it aired. Usually, we wait for the audience’s reaction and tweak the story here and there. But Baghin followed a different norm. I hope that people keep watching it. The Baghin track has started, so this is a very intriguing phase to watch.

It was my first association with Atrangi and Nivedita Ma’am. When we got to know that it was coming on Star Bharat, we felt good to have another platform to showcase the show.

Considering that you played the tigress and it required hardcore outdoor shoots, share with us your experience.

Our outdoor shoot was horrible. We shot in Gujarat, under extreme heat. When we were there, we just wanted to get back home, it was crazy. Now when we think about it, we laugh at it. Agreed, the path was tough, but it was another challenge that we went through as actors.

Is this the most demanding of roles that you have ever played? Explain.

Not really, I think Nisha in Nisha aur Uske Cousins was more demanding. Having said this, I would not want to give any less credit to this show. It has taken a lot from me. We had crazy hours of shooting under the most difficult circumstances. The show was to be shot for 3 months but went on for 9 months. So being part of Baghin has been a beautiful experience.

How was it to work with Ansh Bagri in Baghin?

It was great working with Ansh. He is a very dedicated actor. I have done some of my best scenes with him. I had so much to do in between scenes, so I could not sit in between the shots and chill much with my co-actors. But with whatever time I had, I gelled well with all the actors.

What are your takeaways from this role?

There are a lot of things that I learnt from Gauri and Baghin. We need to stand for what is right and what we deserve. Baghin has a strong personality. Gauri too after the death of her father, changes as a person. It was quite a rollercoaster ride playing these two characters.

What do you want to do next?

Honestly, I don’t get into the depth of anything. I believe in working hard on whatever I am doing. If I am not shooting, I am learning another skill whether it is boxing, sangeet etc. I give my auditions and wait for the best. I want to play something very raw. I want the role to have a lot of layers. I want to play a mafia, doing a lot of stunts.