Have you ever thought, while boarding a plane, that this could be the last flight of your life? It is out of sheer faith that we trust strangers with our lives, thinking that we will safely reach our destination. But what if that doesn’t happen? What if the call for boarding is the ultimate final call?

That’s the premise of ZEE5’s new web series, The Final Call. The show centres on Arjun Rampal’s Karan Sachdeva, who controls the fate of a flight full of people on a doomed journey. He is a former air force officer burdened by his past that continues to haunt him. He isn’t afraid of playing with fatal drugs, but whether he wants to kill himself or others, that is the question.
The initial episodes establish the back story of a bunch of characters, who, by a cruel twist of fate, end up on the same flight. Neeraj Kabi is an astrologer who has made peace with death and encourages those around him to do so. Javed Jaffrey looks sharp as a business tycoon who has had luck on his side always, but peace and happiness continue to evade him.

The show’s asset is the performances delivered by the actors. The casting director has accumulated a great bunch of actors, but one rues the missing punches in the dialogues and intensity in scenes that a thriller like this should have created, giving seasoned actors like Sakshi Tanwar and Vipin Sharma solid material to play with.

What is unusual about this show is that it doesn’t aim to just entertain, it raises questions about conscience, destiny, spirituality, depression and death. These are thoughts that will linger on even after the show is over – which could seem unnecessary if you are looking for just a thrilling ride. The wordplay in the show’s title is quite apt, and the makers maintain that throughout the show.

It’s an amazing show and we would totally recommend you to watch it.