Web Series the trend that is running India. Web series are an hour based videos in an episodic form that are realized on the internet or web Television medium.

The Rise of Web Series in India

Web series are seen replacing the Television nowadays. Web series are becoming the heart of the young generation. Like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar are some of the popular apps that consist of web series or movies. Nowadays people especially the young generation is completely bored with the daily melodrama of Saas-Bahu serials and melodramatic situations. So the Television series are seen instantly replaced by the Internet web series which are gaining popularity in India.

The web series format has become the new favorite, especially amongst the youth. The entry of Reliance Jio gave a big push to the advent of social and digital media and single-handedly changed the video consumption scenario in India. Major OTT players like Netflix India and Amazon Prime have even started producing original web series with the Indian audience in mind.

“Close to 70 percent of the Indian population is young, and a bulk of them is online. The Internet has become the trend of the young generation. The phase of the youngsters is seen to be social media addicts and so web series are easily running and gaining popularity amongst India. The serial on the Television goes on for years and years but the web series are small and have new concepts with the new creativity. It has Unpredictable plots and shows the current situation much time. Also Web series have no time-bound you can watch it anywhere and at any point in time.
Web series create any kind of interest to watch the next episode. Web series are taking rise in India because people can watch a series of their interests and their type. Web series provide all types of entertainment and the majority of the series at the end leave back some moral for the viewers.

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