Shilpa Shetty, one of the most honorable actresses of her time, has yet again entered the public forum by using social media to her advantage and starting her own TikTok account. The Rajasthan Royals owner has initiated her TikTok account quite recently, and this is something many of us are taking note of. She is old money, one of the veteran actresses of our time, and it is great to see social media really help so many veteran celebrities stay relevant with today’s scene and people. And of course, Shilpa Shetty has made quite the difference during her prime as an actress, performing so many iconic roles and being under public scrutiny for so many years. It is very nice to see that she is now back to where she belongs. So, she obviously has the edge over Jacqueline, right? Wrong.

Jacqueline makes a very promising case for herself as well. Much like her incredible portfolio as an actress on the big screen, she also makes a very convincing and incredible case for herself on the social media platforms. She is incredibly talented, that’s no surprise, but, she is also extremely lovable, and gorgeous and her social media is handled like a professional. Okay, we don’t even really need to make a case for her here. Literally all of her talents do it for her.

Now, all that’s remaining is making the decision, whom do you pick as your partner?