BB Ki Vines is already hitting the sky, does it deserve more than that? Let’s find out

Do you think Bhuvan Bam’s BB Ki Vines deserves more views?

BB Ki Vines aka Bhuvan Bam who has been the revolutionary YouTube sensation ranks topmost with increasing followers. Bhuvan began his journey as a restaurant singer. Later he cracked the world up with his humour and mimicry. His relevant contents prove why he is admired nationwide. Bhuvan has done over 30 brand endorsements until now. He has been a versatile artist, his dynamic incarnations made him so popular amongst the youngsters. He has made it to the Bollywood, shared the screen with Karan Johar, he proclaims, “I want to be the Dharma Productions of YouTube”.

Bhuvan comes to the top when it comes to Indian YouTubers. Bhuvan has a spectacular sense of humour, he has earned millions of years within 5years. He gets millions of views every day, he has established himself not only as a YouTuber but an actor and singer as well. The fact, that his gradual rise and massive popularity is legitimate as his content is diversified. His dynamic integrity of furnishing himself in different incarnations is appreciated by many, unlike other YouTubers.

His unknown secret, that his first video was created accidentally, he was checking his front camera on his phone and came out with his wonderful creation. Innovation does happen like that! It comes naturally to you with so much unpredictability, and then we all know the aftermath! He has been invited by TED Talks. He was complimented by Hindustan Times at the first edition of their Game Changer Awards. Bhuvan is multitalented, he is not only known as just BB but also, singer, actor, writer, guitarist and what not!

His videos are always on trending, we absolutely love his videos, but do you feel he deserves more views after all the hard work and efforts he put into it!

Let us know in the comments below!

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