The Viral Fever which you crave for more: Thora TVF Ho Jaaye

Let's check out some of the best shows from the house of the The Viral Fever

The Viral Fever which you crave for more: Thora TVF Ho Jaaye

TVF, started off as a YouTube channel which uploaded youth oriented content in 2010. At first, yes there target audience was quite small with common youth subjects. Soon, they started widening their playground. However, they didn’t change their agenda of content for target audience. They just realized that it’s not just one type of humor that everyone likes. So they started making videos with different types of humor, ranging from daily lifestyle humor, to satires to sketches.

Soon there audience grew due to their creative and on-spot content, giving out a food for thought kind of a message in every video. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of their original series.

TVF Tripling

Have you ever gone on road trips? Road trips sound fun; music, infinite road, beautiful scenery and new experiences…mostly  with your friends. Here in tripling though the story revolves around three siblings who go on a road trip. All three of them living different lifestyles and going through a tough time in life. An adventurous story about a family which is living separately but eventually unites and gives out a very sweet message… ‘Home is where you return to’.

Humorously Yours

As the tag line says ‘The drama behind comedy’… this series paints the picture of a comedian’s life behind the stage. Vipul Goyal goes through a series of situations to be an established comedian in today’s comedy scene.

TVF Pitchers

This is a perfect story of employees who later turn into entrepreneurs. A blend of comedy, drama and emotions this series is a trend setter in Indian digital platform. Being rated 9.4 it is there on the top 200 series list of IMDB.

Permanent Roommates

A basic romantic story, same old couple , same old romance and what is expected of romances; fights. But then what’s so different about this particular show? Well it’s quite simple, it connects really well with a normal person’s life, quite relatable and logical fights. Things go wrong but they settle down well and there are defiantly acceptable repercussions. See what happens when a clingy boyfriend proposes a confused girlfriend.

Barely Speaking with Arnub

A great impersonation of Arnab Goswami by Biswapati Sarkar, ‘Barely Speaking with Arnub’ is a jab at the journalism community and there journalistic methods.

TVF Chai Sutta Chronicles

It is a universal fact that when two people share a bud with each other a special bond gets created. TVF took up this idea and came up with short series which focuses on small conversations between two people while they smoke and drink tea. This series focuses on the small, pointless and deep conversations.

TVF Bachelors

This is a short series on the life of a bachelor. A humorous representation of daily pointless problems in a bachelor’s life. Bhuvan Bam is cast in this series. Definitely worth a watch.

Above shows have all been trendsetters in the Indian Digital Industry and you should definitely watch them. Coz if its not on TV, Its on TVF (sic).



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