The viral app, Tiktok is bringing everyone together through joy & laughter, no matter your age!

This Is Why The Wildly Popular Tiktok App Spreads Joy Across All Age Groups

Previously known as the Chinese-made video app, TikTok is an immense hit among teens & adolescents. The app that lets you create short-videos of lip-synching or dancing to music has already been downloaded by millions and numbers show no signs of slowing down.

A major highlight of the app for teen users is the instant popularity and fame that one gets by uploading a few seconds TikTok video. A lot of TikTok Indian Stars with a following in millions have gained social media recognition through the platform.

This Is Why The Wildly Popular Tiktok App Spreads Joy Across All Age Groups

But if you think the app is only used by a certain age group, you are wrong. Even though the TikTok App comprises of and is targeted largely to a young audience, the adults have joined in on the fun too.

In a Bollywood-obsessed nation, TikTok has provided a unique platform to people of all ages to show off their dancing, acting and singing (or lip-synching) talents, all of it in a 15 second clip. Spend a few minutes scrolling the app and you will find your lips curling upwards into a smile.

With no ad interruptions or spammers attacking your feed, TikTok brings in a fresh and simple premise into the crazy world of social media. No wonder then, it has become one of the most pleasant social media network currently.

So what exactly makes young and old folks alike flock to TikTok?

Simply put, TikTok offers an escape and allows you to act silly. It is an app where you can let go of yourself to bring out the inner child in you and act goofy with your friends. One can also sample creative minds of people and express themselves while escaping from the onslaught of trolls and bullies that ruin all the fun.

TikTok has users from all walks of life wanting to take a break and simply laugh. These people don’t need the approval of cool kids; they just want to have fun. And, since it is a pretty simple app to use, even those claiming to be not so tech-savvy find it enjoyable.

A big shout-out to TikTok for building something that truly spread joy!

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