Let’s find out which one is your favourite YouTube single, CarryMinati’s Yalgaar or Bhuvan Bam’s Heer Ranjha

CarryMinati’s Yalgaar vs Bhuvan Bam’s Heer Ranjha: Which Is Your Favourite YouTube Single?

YouTubers have been our daily muse to be on the Internet. Especially, these two YouTubers have kept us engaged in their content for a very long time now, CarryMinati and Bhuvan Bam. Both of them are extremely versatile and well-known amongst youngsters. As of now, they have come up with great music videos, Yalgaar and Heer Ranjha. Both of them have gotten a scintillating amount of views and likes!

Yalgaar, by CarryMinati, came out after his colossal video YouTube Vs TikTok got taken down by YouTube, as it violated community guidelines and was accused under cyberbullying. The music video is proof that CarryMinati is versatile, he is skilled in rap, in roasting and ranting. He is grand and is extremely funny. Check out the music video!

Heer Ranjha, the recent upload of Bhuvan Bam, has become quite popular amongst the youth. BB being a grand lyricist and singer has made one of his best creation so far, that Heer Ranjha. The song is absolutely love but with that, it’s a treat to your eyes too. If you check the video out, you will know!

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