With over a million views on social media, a video of an elderly couple dancing and having fun together has gone viral.

Watch: A Video Of An Old Couple Dancing And Enjoying Themselves Together Has Gone Viral On Social Media And Won Millions Of Hearts 495521

Dancing and having a good time has no age restriction, as this elderly couple has demonstrated. A video of a lovely old couple dancing has gone popular on social media, and it is capturing hearts all over the world. The couple’s joy and simplicity in doing simple things like dancing together to a catchy tune are so apparent on their faces that anyone watching the video will be compelled to shake a leg with them.

The man, who was seen reading a newspaper in the video, suddenly sprung to his feet and began swaying to Solomon Burke’s Cry To Me. While dancing, he made a strange call to his wife, who didn’t hesitate to join in and dance with her husband. The video portrayed their positive attitude and spirit.

“Friday night baby,” reads the video’s caption.

The video, which was posted on Instagram by Upworthy, has had over a million views since it was posted. Netizens couldn’t get enough of the adorable duo and poured their love and wishes into the comments section. The old guy, Joe, had passed away after a fight with cancer but was still singing till the end, according to the comments.

“This is everything. Godspeed,” a person commented. Another person posted, “So wholesome.”

This is definitely a couple goal for an older couple!

(Video credits: Instagram)

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