Cute kids’ videos have always been enjoyable and entertaining. Earlier, who might have found various videos of kids through tantrums for certain things, their drama during studies, and many other funny and entertaining videos? Kids are the cutest thing that happened, and their mischievous behaviors make us feel refreshed. And here we surfaced such a video where a girl is cute speaking in Punjabi and explaining why her mother is asking her to eat less.

In the viral video, a cute girl is speaking in a Punjabi accent about why her mother is suggesting she eat less. She said, “Jab mainu kuch khane ka dil kerta, meri mummy kehendi tu moti hogae hai, to ab mai kuch nahi khana, bhukhi reh!” The cute Punjabi accent and the innocent face made us laugh out loud. But, at the same time, her cute expressions kept us in awe. The kids are very lovely and cute.

The video was shared on the Instagram account Ghanta. While sharing the video captioned it with smiling emojis and, in the video, wrote, “Inna Kuch Khanu Dil kerda.” The video also has many hilarious comments. One user said, “Dukh Dard Kasht Peeda,” another one said, “Haye baby bol tusi ki khauna chaude ho?” The third said, “Aww kitne cute hai, dedo yaar usko khana.”

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