It is disheartening how the powerless are suppressed all around the world. But sometimes, the act of suppressing someone can really get out of limits.

And today, a shocking incident viral on the internet from Indore where a group of four women inhumanly beat up a young female worker of a pizza chain, although she pleaded to leave her.

In the video clip, it is clearly visible how the group of four women are beating the victim with sticks and kept hitting her even when she fell to the ground.

While female Pizza delivery employee is seen crying and howling for help but nobody even tries to help her out. People were watching her getting verbally and physically abused by the stick and the hands of four local women who were allegedly a local gang.

The victim even screamed that she’ll complain to the police, to which the assaulters said “Go file a police complaint”. The beaten-up victim is reportedly an employee of Domino’s Pizza and she has been identified as Nandini Yadav as reported.

However, the girl finally somehow managed to save herself by hiding in a nearby house.

The whole incident was shared on Twitter and there were several comments about the incident and people who didn’t help the victim.

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Source: India Times