Kids’ videos are pretty cute to watch. From movies in which they attempt to impersonate their parents to videos in which they try to imitate other animals, the posts are so adorable that one cannot stop giggling.

Kids have a thing with dancing! Kids can’t stop tapping their feet to their favorite music, whether it’s an amusing moment or a competition. With the habit of keeping up with internet dancing challenges, these munchkins show that nothing can stop them from letting their hearts out in public. So how about forcing them to participate in the “not to dance” challenge? This lady attempted it, and her children’s reaction was the cutest on the internet.

Kaori Hansen Wright, an Instagram user, shared a video of her five children reacting to the “Try Not to Dance” challenge. As the rhythms started playing, her youngest child, wearing shades and a cap, couldn’t stop himself and began vibing immediately. Then, as another female began swaying to ‘Boom Boom Boom,’ they couldn’t contain their joy any longer. With each new song came a youngster who got off track, and before long, all five of them were seen dancing together on the remix songs.

The Instagram user captioned her post, “Can you listen without dancing? I find it impossible with these tunes. Sometimes after dinner, there’s an impromptu dance party at our house. Tonight, I gave the kids the, try not to dance challenge. Little Tommy Hiro is a party king ?

After it was posted, the video gained over 3.8 million views on social media. Netizens who fell in love with the adorable video moved to the comments section to voice their support for the kids. one user wrote, “I love how the oldest boy didn’t start dancing until his oldest sister got his attention that she was now dancing ❤️? I agree with another comment, definitely a team!! ❤️.”

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