At Indian weddings, it’s not unusual to see uncles and aunts dancing erratically. You might occasionally receive a punch to the face, a foot stomp, or even be shoved off the dance floor. Children love to dance at Indian weddings, but they must find a safe place to dance when adults take over the dance floor. This young child had a bad experience because he was dancing behind an aunt.

In the video, multiple women wearing orange sarees can be seen dancing at a party while listening to a Haryanvi song. Unaware that a young boy is dancing behind her, a woman may be seen dancing her out. The woman moves back while dancing and misses the child. She trips over him and knocks him to the ground.

A couple of women assist the woman in standing up while others giggle at the incident. The boy’s mother scoops him up off the floor while tending to her weeping son, who was just trampled by the dancing aunty. The user “patiale wale chacha Ji” posted the video on Instagram, where it quickly gained thousands of followers. Internet users laughed out loud while watching the video and noted that they felt awful for the youngster.

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