Wang Yuji, a Chinese 11-month-old baby, has amazed internet users with her snowboarding abilities.

An 11-month-old baby has wowed netizens with her snowboarding skills

With her snowboarding skills, an 11-month-old baby girl has taken the Internet by storm. Wang Yuji is a natural snowboarder despite her inability to walk.

In Chongli, China’s Hebei province, Wang accompanied her mother and father on the slopes for the new season.

A video of a small girl sliding down a slight hill in front of her father while he held onto her snowboard with a short rope from behind has gone viral on social media.

“Look to the front, you’re doing great!” her father told her before letting her take the slope by herself.

Wang’s mother told GlobalLink, “It was actually her first time snowboarding. Me and her dad both love outdoor activities so we came to the Olympic co-host city, Chongli to let her experience snowboarding. She has good physical fitness and she was not scared during her first time on the snow, she was able to stay balanced and slide downhill slowly.”

The toddler’s father stated, “She’s not able to slide on her own yet, following the angle of the slope or going down naturally. So she can’t control the direction or go really far. Sometimes if the snow is just right then she can go all the way. She really likes it, she would be super happy if she could go far.”

Wang has seen snow before, according to his father, and is fascinated with snowflakes. “The snowflakes disappear as soon as they land in her hands, which is a magical thing for her”, he explained.

Source- Times now news