An entertaining video goes viral online where some boys are seen grooving over Naagin Dance.

A video circulating over the internet shows a group of bikers breaking a funny dance while grooving to the music of a truck’s horn. And it seems the boys are enjoying themselves in the rain.

The boy bikers were seen enjoying the rainy season with their bike parked on one side of the road, and they tuned in to perform the Naagin dance of Main Teri Dushman from Naagin. The boys were engrossed in this music.

The video shared on YouTube was shot in Karnataka at Dudhsagar waterfalls viewpoint near the Karnataka Goa border. The video started with some boys racing bikes ahead of a truck that had distinct music of horns. Halting their bikes on the roadside asked the truck driver to play music. And the driver played 80’s iconic song Mai Teri Dushman from Naagin. And after hearing the music, boys became enthusiastic enough to groove over the song.

While some of the boys heard screaming and shouting and enjoyed every bit, two began to crawl on the road like a Naagin (snake).

However, this hilarious fun went viral over the internet and grabbed the audience’s attention. And the clip has 84k views on YouTube.

Also, the video was found on Twitter and had over 8 lakh views. The Naagin video had some hilarious comments too. People were thrilled watching the video and it flew like a trend.

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