Take a look at the viral video of former Indian cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni giving a savage reply to Mandira Bedi's question

MS Dhoni is known to impress the audience whenever in the headlines. And today, again, the captain cool cricketer is buzzing over the net with his old video-crushing reply startling the host Mandira Bedi. The cricketer has a savage sense of humor, and the viral clip is the proof.

MS Dhoni is known as the calmest and most composed cricketer on the field. He is India’s one of most popular cricketers who rules over people’s hearts. In the viral video, Mandira Bedi asked the former cricketer, MS Dhoni, about the priceless gift he has been gifted with. “What’s the most priceless gift that you have ever received?” The cricketer took a long pause, and Mandira hinted to him to say, ‘My Daughter’ however, MS Dhoni is a savage man who knows how to rock, and he said, “It wasn’t a gift, it was hard work.”

This video was posted on Twitter by Dipti Ranjan, and the video has accumulated more than 4 k likes. Dhoni is always known for giving witty responses. In contrast, fans flooded the post with several comments.

One user said, “Captain cool always has the best answers.”

The second wrote, “No! he meant others give a gift to you. But it was he himself who gives birth (father).”

“This man actually knows how to answer like a thug every time,” said the third.

“That head nod denial is gold,” commented the fourth.

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