The internet is a jumbled mess. It’s both heaven and hell rolled into one. When it comes to animal films, it is without a doubt the best place on the planet.

When it comes to animal films, we’ve recently seen a lot of ‘pitch invaders.’ Our furry companions have found a way to steal the show by just going onto the field and making their presence felt, whether it’s cricket, football, or baseball.

Another example of this just went viral on Twitter. A golden retriever disrupts the game by running onto the field, according to Minor League Baseball’s Twitter feed.

Watch the video here :

The game pitted the Buffalo Bisons against the Lehigh Valley IronPigs. Rookie isn’t a rookie when it comes to baseball. He couldn’t help himself and dashed onto the field in an attempt to capture the ball.

He is also seen snatching a baseball bat and carrying it off the field in another viral video.

Both videos became internet sensations for all the right reasons. The first one had over a million views, while the second received over 31,000. Twitter, like the audience, was amused by Rookie’s antics. One user remarked, “You’re doing wonderful, honey.” “He’s just doing a smell check for Sticky Stuff,” another added.

(Source- Times now News)