A cute bride and groom can be seen joking around in a viral video.

An Adorable Groom Steals Papad From Bride's Plate, Netizens Amused 546832

The Internet can be a lot of fun. Everything is at our fingertips with a single click of a button. We come across various tales and videos that make us laugh and provide us with pure amusement on a regular basis. The video of an Indian bride and groom that has gone viral is one such film that makes us feel both emotions! Now, if you’re wondering what this video is about, we’ll tell you. A bride and groom sat at the lunch table, having a big meal, in a movie uploaded by @vimona events. The groom lovingly grabs a papad from the bride’s dish while she is talking to someone beside her. As soon as the bride notices the papad is missing, she grabs pieces of it off the groom!

Isn’t this video a little too wholesome for you? The video has received 2.1 million views, 94.8 thousand likes, and hundreds of comments since it was posted! “This couple is very cute,” many people have stated after seeing this video. “To my future husband, please don’t steal my food!” one user wrote. Others have given this video a thumbs up and commented with multiple hearts!

Source- NDTV Food

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