There is no denying that 2021 is one of the brilliant years for gaming. Up until now, numerous well-known computer games have come out this year and snatched a great many players immediately.

Curiously, a great many people who are adhered to at home because of COVID-19 are evaluating computer games without precedent for their lives. What’s more, if you are one of those individuals, it’s entirely expected for you to look for mainstream computer games to play in 2021. So here we have for you 4 Video Games Of 2021 you must try!!

Call of Duty

Call of Duty title is as yet perhaps the most famous computer game of 2021. Additionally, the way that it is an allowed-to-play computer game by Activision helped snatch a great many players from around the world.

Unlike any other fight royale game, Call of Duty has a Warzone of 150-player fight royale matches.


Minecraft, which was delivered back in 2011, is quite possibly the most famous computer game of 2021. The PC game had such a great deal of potential that Microsoft obtained the game in 2014, and it seems like the tech beast was right.

As of May 2020, Microsoft had more than 126 million players, which is a significant number considering it isn’t permitted to play. Along these lines, assuming there is a rundown of the most famous rounds ever, Minecraft will be in the main 5.

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5. The immense title was delivered in 2013 and is viewed as one of the last decade’s most well-known computer games. Additionally, the online variant of GTA 5, helped Rockstar rake in some serious cash through in-game exchanges.


Regardless of whether you disdain it or love it, you surely can’t deny the way that Fortnite is quite possibly the most mainstream game, even in 2021. From time to time, Fortnite teams up with some film/comic book establishments to incorporate stunning person skins in the game. For example, the game parades unbelievable skins from Marvel, DC, and Tomb Raider universe.

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