From Suresh Raina to Virat Kohli, these are the top five most run scorers against DC in IPL history

From Suresh Raina To Virat Kohli, The Top Five Most Run Scorers Against DC In IPL History

Despite having a very great roster of players to pick from every season, it’s fair to say that as a team, they occasionally perform to their potential. Other times, though, their batting or bowling falls short. Given this, there are some batsmen who consistently appear to perform against any team, regardless of the situation. Despite the fact that the Delhi Capitals (formerly the Delhi Daredevils) boast one of the strongest bowling attacks.

You could get a better sense from this list of the top players who scored the most runs against DC in IPL games.

SURESH RAINA (661): It should come as no surprise that Suresh Raina is among the top five run-scorers against DC in IPL history since he is one of just two players to surpass the 5000 run mark. Whether it was during his time with the Gujarat Lions or his two-year stint as captain of the Chennai Super Kings, Raina has consistently scored against every IPL opponent he has ever faced. Throughout his 26 innings played against DC in the IPL, Raina has amassed 661 runs at an average of 28.73 and a strike rate of 134.62.

ROBIN UTHAPPA (740): Robin Uthappa is one of the top IPL players and has competed in the competition from the beginning. Given that he has been in good health for most, if not all of those seasons, his inclusion in this list of the top five run-scorers against DC in IPL matches is quite obvious given the length of his IPL career. Against the Delhi Capitals, he had a 30.83 average. He has a 125 strikeout to opponent Delhi Capitals ratio. Although he hasn’t scored much against Delhi Capitals, he has blasted five half-centuries against them.

Ajinkya Rahane (792): Rahane has demonstrated that, while playing for the Indian team, he has matured and gained knowledge. In a time when glitz and power are the standards, Ajinkya Rahane is the maverick and probably India’s best batsman after Tendulkar. He was a crucial piece in the Rajasthan Royals’ hitting system. He has had a great IPL career against Delhi Capitals. He has played 20 games against them and scored 792 runs. His strike rate versus Delhi has remained close to 131, and he otherwise plays with calm and composure. His average is around 60. Additionally, he has 105 undefeated points against them.

ROHIT SHARMA (910): Rohit Sharma has benefited greatly from the IPL. He was a young, gifted batter who had trouble maintaining consistency. The IPL offered him a chance to stay relevant, and he seized it during his first spell. He has so far played 31 matches against Delhi, totaling 910 runs. His average has remained at slightly above 33. His strike rate versus Delhi Capitals is somewhat higher t

VIRAT KOHLI (925): Virat Kohli has a stellar record in the Indian Premier League. In this league, the run machine is really the top run-scorer. Throughout his career, he has participated in 177 IPL games and amassed 5412 runs at an average of 36.84 and a strike rate of 131.61. In 26 games, Kohli has faced the Delhi Capitals. He scored 925 runs in those games. He has the greatest score of over 99 and a strike rate of more than 130 against them. This demonstrates why Kohli is one of the finest batters a team has ever had. His IPL career strike rate of 135 and is a notch above 131.