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Even though Thor: Love and Thunder have just been released on Disney+ and is available to fans, there is still a thriving interest in the movie’s cut content. The film’s deleted scenes vary from the ridiculous, like the nearly-included appearance of Jesus Christ, to the breathtaking, like the recently released concept art for Eternity. This interest in the movie’s omitted scenes is largely attributable to how many of it was removed. Taika Waititi had to make significant cuts to Thor 4 because Marvel required a cut that was under two hours long.

This kind of hurried scripting and shooting technique, which many claim led to a mixed bag of a picture, was criticized in the polarising Love and Thunder, which divided both fans and critics. Four deleted scenes from Thor: Love and Thunder have already been made available, showing significantly altered versions of a few significant scenes from the entire movie. While some seem a little pointless, others illustrate drastically different scenarios for how Thor 4 might have turned out. In the opening segment, “Wasting Time,” Mantis and Star-Lord try to coax Thor out of his ostensible retirement. Finally, they succeed in persuading him, and they set off for the battle after attempting (and failing) to mount Stormbreaker.

Thor, Valkyrie, and Korg encounter Dionysus in “Looking for Zeus.” Fittingly, the Greek deity is too drunk and merry to assist, leaving our heroes to search for Zeus on their own. Zeus, who it turns out has been listening and munching the entire time, interrupts Thor and Jane Foster as they say their final goodbyes in “Fighting For You.” Zeus assists him after realizing Thor’s predicament and guiding him into the following segment. In this final scene, Zeus reveals the secrets of thunder to Thor, bestowing upon him a Thunderbolt of his very own and guiding him in the direction of Eternity. Mjolnir is reclaimed by Jane Foster, and the two leave.

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