Know the locations where you can find Snapdragon In Genshin Impact 

There are many unusual flora and ingredients to discover in Genshin Impact’s environment, including these vibrant orange flowers that are employed in various dishes. Snapdragons are unique flowers that grow near water, and while they aren’t plentiful, they are quite easy to collect. Those who require these materials for cooking should ensure that they have a sufficient supply on hand. Snapdragons are typically seen growing near water sources such as rivers and lakes in Mondstadt and Liyue. 

Because of their unusual shape and orange hue, these vivid flowers stand out in their surroundings. Collecting these flowers is as simple as engaging with them because they grow in small groupings. Snapdragons are known to thrive near enemy groupings, so fans should keep an eye out while gathering. Most recipes only call for one snapdragon, while some call for two or more. Users who plan to make a lot of Liyue and Inazuma dishes should make sure they have plenty of snapdragons on hand. Many of these recipes can help you regain your health or give you other advantages. 

Fortunately for prospective chefs, there are many of these blooms around the world, and they can locate them. Users can resort to Chloris, one of the game’s most helpful NPCs if they don’t want to go out and find snapdragons in the wild. This small botanist will sell them up to ten snapdragons for 280 Mora apiece, which is a significant amount of money. Even so, this is the quickest way for gamers to obtain snapdragon, and she may be seen walking around Windrose, her shop resetting every three days. 

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