Video games have been known to hold minor mysteries here and there since the dawn of time, which are not necessarily discovered during the first few playthroughs. This is especially valid for open-world games with large maps and numerous spots to explore. Easter eggs abound in games like Skyrim, including some that make references to other franchises. Another example is Minecraft, where the creator may slip something in that won’t be discovered for a long time. In this situation, fans may have to wait years to find them.

A few days ago, user TidiToad submitted a brief video to the Minecraft Subreddit showing them doing some light fishing with another player. They are startled as an Elder Guardian lunges out of the little body of water to attack them, interrupting their normally peaceful routine. According to PCGamesN, this is based on an April Fool snapshot update from 2020, which means that this unusual Easter egg has gone unreported for the last two years.

While fishing in Minecraft is usually a quiet activity, the sight of the vicious Guardian must have given the players a fright, as they rush in to defend themselves. It appears that there was a rare occasion in which attempting to capture some fish resulted in the appearance of this hostile beast. While the Reddit post title claims that this was from snapshot 20w13infinite, it’s more than probable that it was from the 20w14infinite build. In any case, it only goes to show that no matter how long a game has been around, there are always new things to discover.

In terms of the mob itself, Guardians are hostile entities that fire a strong laser beam. After being announced in the summer of 2014, they were introduced to the game for the 13w25a patch. Several individuals in the comments have commented on how rare it must have been to come across an Elder Guardian while fishing.

There are still numerous mysteries in Minecraft after more than a decade, some of which are still being discovered by gamers today. The addition of the two-year-old April Fool’s update demonstrates that no matter how many millions of people check in each month to play the game, they will always be shocked by what they see. It begs to be answered.

source: gamerant