From Shazia Ayub to Saloni Panwar, women who broadcast video games will wow you with their earnings and amazing gameplay.

Many people think that high-stress games like video gaming, racing, or any other such game are solely for boys. You may make a lot of money playing competitive video games as a professional in this field. Girls are demonstrating their skills in gaming just like they do in every other field. They are stealing the spotlight from boys in competitive gaming, and we’re not just talking about leisure gaming. They are not only challenging the dominance of men in the esports sector and shattering stereotypes, but they are also raking in big bucks as influencers. Learn more about some of India’s top female gaming influencers.

Mysterious YT

Shazia Ayub, also known as “Mysterious YT,” is a well-liked female streamer in India. Her official Youtube channel has more than 333k subscribers. Prior to switching to streaming, she initially pursued a career in interior design. She now works as a full-time streamer and a part-time interior designer. She started playing PUBG a few months ago, honed her skills, and then launched the “Mysterious YT” YouTube channel, where she started streaming PUBG for a living. Her ability to consistently produce content allowed her to quickly grow her audience.

Payal Dhare

The S8UL organization employs Payal Dhare, a 20-year-old from Chhattisgarh in India, as a streamer and content creator. She presently has 625K+ followers on Instagram in addition to 1.39M subscribers on her YouTube channel. She just won the “Startup Business Meet 2021’s Face of the Year Award” and is renowned for her frequent BGMI streams on her YouTube channel.

YouTube Earnings for Payal Gaming

She currently has the most subscribers of any female streamer in the BGMI league, and according to socialblade, she makes between $2.6K to $41.4K ,₹3395841.73 as per Indian currency per month from her YouTube videos.

Shaft Gupta “Xyaa” Iqbal

With over 268K subscribers to her official YouTube channel, Shafgupta “Xyaa” Iqbal is one of India’s most well-known E-sports stars. She was one of the first female video game developers in India. She has a devoted following because of the variety of PC gaming material she streams, including The Walking Dead, GTA V, God of War, and UNO. Her distinctive quality is that she is a software engineer who moonlights as a game developer.

She reportedly earns between 8 and 10 lakhs per month, according to our source. Xyaa’s net worth is therefore about $100,000.

Saloni Panwar

She is the first woman to compete for India in a global video game tournament. She competed for her nation in LOV Thailand. She engages in competitive CS:GO gaming. She also triumphed in the Lenovo CS Tournament’s Central Asian Qualifiers for Legion. She has taken part in both the Fall Guys competition and the Valorant Streamer Battle Tournament.

Source – Her Zindagi

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