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Here are 5 Classy Statement Necklace Designs To Copy Now

5 Classy Statement Necklace Designs To Copy Now

Necklaces are just another best friend of a woman. No attire is complete without a necklace. Whether it be an Indian traditional wedding or festival or even a western type of party. The necklace is a must for women. There are numerous patterns and designs when it comes to necklaces. Finding a perfect neckpiece for an outfit is way too difficult than it looks

In India, necklace jewelry is what a girl loves. From gold to diamond, necklaces are just eye-catching. The patterns like peacock, floral, or traditional Indian designs are just worth one’s attention. But there are even ways to style in a perfect statement necklace. No worries, today let us take some tips to style in statement necklace:

1. Multi-layered statement necklace- The multi-layered statement necklace is perfect to add to a casual or trendy outfit. It brings a bohemian twist to your look.

2. Splash of Colours- Mix-match your jewelry and outfit colours for a perfect mix.

3. Monochromatic statement necklace with colourful outfit- Monochromatic statement necklace is perfect for colourful outfits. Matching your outfit and necklace colours is even a better idea.

4. Sparkling statement necklace- Add a sparkling necklace to your dark outfit.

5. Glam necklace- Put on a glam necklace to your graphic t-shirt for a comfy look. A trendy way to style your necklace.

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