Follow these style tips for corporate outfits and style

5 Style Tips For Corporate Outfits & Style

Being able to dress perfectly and look stylish everyday is a skill that many of us can find difficult to master. While balancing career, family, work it becomes difficult to dress yourself perfectly.

So here’s something we have rounded up a few fashion tips for you-
1. Balancing your top and bottom- When planning outfits to wear, make sure your top and bottom complement each other. If you are wearing tight pants, go in for a loose or baggy top or tee, and vice versa.
2. Hairstyle- Hairstyle is a common problem with everyone. Choosing on a perfect and suitable hairstyle may seem difficult sometimes. If confused, go for a bun for a simple yet classy look, if wearing on a casual outfit.
3. Try Mix Patterns- There are various patterns like checks, strips, floral, gingham and the list goes on. Try to mix on different patterns with each other, but keep a check if the patterns are complementing each other.
4. Don’t over expose- Going on for a plunging neckline is ok, but don’t over expose your body. Try not to pick up outfits with deep cuts.
5. Pick up correct accessories- Styling in any outfit without any accessories can make your look incomplete. Go for perfect accessories like a watch, neck piece, earrings, or a purse. You can even mix and match the colours.

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