Check out these 9 Things Your Makeup Artist Wants You To Stop Doing

9 Things Your Makeup Artist Wants You To Stop Doing. Know What?

Today, make-up may not have any rules. You can wear your favourite eye make-up with any lipstick shade you’d like.

Everyone has their own choices in make-up. While there are some common mistakes that every woman does.

So here are 9 mistakes that you need to avoid-

1. Using foundation to look fairer- Many women use foundation in order to look fairer. This makes your skin look completely dull and ashy. This completely ruins your look.

2. Wrong shade of concealer- Women use wrong shades of concealer that doesn’t match their skin tone. This makes your under-eye area look a very yellow tone instead of natural.

3. Base- You need to apply the proper and appropriate amount of corrector, concealer and foundation. This helps you remove acne marks, reduce dark circles and evenly smoothen your skin.

4. Wrong shade of corrector- Women use a wrong shade of corrector to cover blemishes and over use of foundation to cover pigmentation.

5. Heavy winged eyeliner- Heavy winged eyeliner doesn’t work on everyone. It depends on your eye shape.

6. Mascara- Women push the mascara wand up and down instead of the tube before using it. Wand has an excess of product on it and it makes your eyelashes look more clumpy.

7. Using Kajal- Many women apply a very light line on the water line that doesn’t last for too long. Choose the right quality of kajal, some kajal don’t last for too long and can smudge away.

8. Highlighter- You need to know the right trick to apply highlighter. Using iron the wrong way can make your face look swollen.

9. Lip liner- Many women ditch the lip liner. Not applying the lip liner makes your lips look less defined.

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