Beauty Hacks: Try these 5 Life Saving And Fashion Style Hacks

Beauty Hacks: 5 Life Saving And Fashion Style Hacks

We often try to get rid of old clothes or assets. Old clothes and accessories can be styled in many ways.

If you are having loads of unwanted clothes or your clothes that are now not fitting you, try these amazing life-saving fashion hacks.

Simple Life Hacks for Fashion-
1. Use a hair straightening machines as collar Iron- You can use a hair straightener to iron your collar but don’t overheat that can cause the fabric to burn.
2. Leather Jacket in rains- Go for a leather jacket in the rains and get a distressed look.
3. Stain Remover- Use the mixture of cold water and vinegar to remove the stains.
4. Odour Remover- Cover your sneakers in baking soda that will keep away and remove the odours.
5. Tighten Sunglasses- Use a clear or transparent nail polish/paint to tighten your sunglasses.

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