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Want to look Stylish And Attractive In A Simple Plain Saree? Take tips from here.

How To Become Stylish And Attractive In Simple Plain Saree?

Saree is one of the oldest forms of outfit in the South Asian continent, and mainly in India. There are different types of ways to drape the saree as you move from North to South and East to West in India. No other outfit other than saree has been draped in unique stylish ways. Some women find it boring to wear a saree, unless they have seen the ultra-modern way of draping a saree.

If you too believe that saree are boring, you need to know how glamorous and sensuous you would look when wearing a saree with perfect jewelry. It often matters what fabric you choose, colour or pattern. Below are some tips that will help you don the saree perfectly:-

1. Right jewellery- It’s really important to choose appropriate and matching jewellery. Jewellery can add more glam to your look. Wearing delicate jewelry adds a feminine touch to your look.

2. Add belt to your saree look- Adding belt to your saree will give it a western twist. Just adding a belt with a simple saree adds up the sassiness to your look.

3. Pant style drape- One of the best ways to drape a saree. This style gives you an incredibly modern look. It is comfortable, functional and super chic.

4. Add an oomph factor- If you want to get a different look from usual times, add an oomph factor like a jacket blouse or backless blouse.

5. Embroidered blouse- Opt for an embroidered blouse, it adds more glam to your look.

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