Siddharth Sharma reveals his workout routine, cheat food and more

Chocolate brownie is my cheat food: Siddharth Sharma

Charming Siddharth Sharma, who is majorly known for his work in a reality TV show, Splitsvilla, is a fitness freak.

The actor has also appeared in the web series Puncch Beat on ALTBalaji.

Known for his enviable body, thanks to his regular workout sessions, Siddharth trains hard for that toned body. His exercise regime has never taken a backseat.

In a fun fitness segment, the actress revealed his workout routine, cheat food and more

What is your cheat food?

Chocolate brownie, I’d take a bullet for that.

Favourite exercise?

I like variations but considering “BUTT” these days so ‘SQUATS’

What is your morning routine?

Even before I can open my eyes I rush for a quick shower followed by a run with my favourite music on. I do weight lifting at night.

Fruits or juices?

Fruits, any day, strawberries and raspberries.

Stairs or lift?


One tip for everyday fitness?

Life begins outside your doorstep, go for a run every day and explore life.

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