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Know these Fashion Tips to Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing Kurtis

Fashion Tips: Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing Kurtis

Kurtas are one of the easiest outfits to throw on. Dressing to a Kurtis seems to be simple and fun. But who can believe that there are some silly mistakes we make when choosing a Kurta. These mistakes can make your entire look go dull. Hence it is necessary to know the mistakes and upgrade your Kurti look.

Here are some mistakes you need to avoid when choosing Kurtis:-

1. Not considering your body type- This is one of the common mistakes that a woman makes, especially those who follow trends. If the trend doesn’t fit your body, it can’t work. Like if you have a curvy body, add a shrug to your short-printed kurta.
2. Choosing the wrong fabric- Women certainly need to avoid this mistake. You need to check the weather and the event you are attending. You really can’t wear a velvet kurta in summer or a chiffon cotton kurta in winter. For daily wear, cotton Kurtis is the best choice one can make.
3. Picking wrong inner wear- Wearing contrasting colour bras are major fashion bloopers unless that is for a beach look. Women often make this mistake, they wear any bra and when it is seen in spoils whole of your ensemble.
4. Selecting the wrong size- You really need to know the right size of your Kurti. An ill-fitting Kurti is something least stylish. Kurti size varies according to brands, so you need to know your size when buying. If a Kurti is some inches off you can fix it as per your size with a tailor.
5. Wrong neck and sleeve design- The neck and sleeves are important features of a Kurti. They contribute a lot to how a Kurti will look and fit you. Choosing the perfect and suitable neckline according to your chest size is important. You can choose from a number of sleeves designs if you want to hide your heavy arms.

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