Here are some FASHION TIPS on How To Dress When You Are Fat And Short?

FASHION TIPS: How To Dress When You Are Fat And Short?

Are you someone who’s vertically challenged and horizontally blessed and none of the fashion in the market seems to do justice to your looks? Here are some tips you should follow to enhance your looks

Medium length Heels: It’s okay to wear heels but not too high and noticeable. Wear medium height heels, women are suggested to wear skin-colored heels so that they aren’t much noticeable to the observer.

Let the lines go vertical: Allow minimal to no checkered or horizontal lines on your clothes. Always have vertical ones running through them. Vertical lines make you appear taller than you are and a bit slim.

Not too skinny not too loose: Keep them in between, too skinny clothes would highlight your stout while loose or baggy clothes will make you appear shorter and heftier. Always wear clothes which are slightly bigger than you for your comfort.

Hat or cap or a bow: Women should include high tied scarfs and bows over their heads or wear their hair in buns, men should wear hats or fedoras.

Diagonal lines are friendly: Wear diagonally lined clothes to hide fatty areas. They also give a neat look to your appearance. Colorful ones are more preferable.

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